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Fredrik Stormby from Sweden based design studio Green Wall Designs has been revealed as the lighting and screen content designer for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

Stormby will join the senior production team along with production designer Florian Wieder, to help create, design, and deliver the show to a global audience of more than 160 million.

Co-founded by Fredrik Stormby, Green Wall Designs portfolio include Loreen’s winning performance at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, ABBA Voyage, Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, Amazon Music Live and The 1975 ‘At Their Very Best’.

Lighting and screen content designer SVT has also unveiled the first sketches of the stage and lighting design for Eurovision 2024. It said it will be a 360-degree experience that surrounds the audience and viewers in the Malmö Arena. The stage will be placed in the middle of the audience and shaped like a cross, featuring movable LED cubes and LED floors.

Green Wall Designs said it will exclusively use LED and laser light sources to achieve lower constant power consumption. The lighting design for the 2024 contest encompasses approximately 2,000 light fixtures and 12 follow-spot systems.

Stormby said, “Green Walls Designs is honoured to be working with SVT as the Lighting and Screen Content Designer for The 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. We are excited to deliver a spectacular show in our home country and for audiences across the world.”

The final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be held on 1 May 2024.