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Liverpool is expected to receive as much as £40m in visitor spending when Eurovision takes place in the city next week, according to a new economic forecast.

More than 100,000 visitors are expected to travel to the city during the week, with the event taking place from 9-13 May at ACC Liverpool Group’s M&S Bank Arena (cap. 11,000).

NatWest has predicted that overseas visitors are likely to spend in the region of £28m, while visitors from the UK will spend around £12m in the city on hotels, accommodation and entertainment.

The bank has made the prediction using Visit Britain domestic and overseas visitor spending data against information on visitor numbers and composition from the 2022 competition in Turin, Italy.

The event’s international visitors are predicted to make up 40% or the total number of visitors, with domestic visitors accounting for the rest (based on the breakdown of Turin audiences in 2022).

Janice Mears, head of business growth at Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region Growth Company said, “Having such an iconic event here has enabled us to highlight to potential job seekers the significant role that hospitality plays in making sure visitors have an exceptional time here. That is why we have, with partners, been running a number of recruitment fairs across the region to fill current vacancies and to illustrate the exciting career opportunities available in the hospitality sector.”