Digital music service eMusic has partnered with solutions provider 7digital to create virtual concerts platform eMusicLive.

In what eMusic describes as a “first-of-its-kind platform for the live music industry”,  acts will be provided specific 7digital storefronts, enabling them to monetise live streaming in the same way as traditional gigs by bundling ticketing, music sales and merchandise.

Artists can embed streams from YouTube Live, Twitch, Instagram Live or host a performance directly on eMusicLive.

Tamir Koch, president, eMusic, said, “Even before Covid-19, artists performing online have been limited to platforms where they play for free and rely on multiple suppliers – this creates a fragmented approach to planning and promoting events as well as selling tickets, merch and music. We’ve built eMusicLive to bring all these commercial options together in one end-to-end solution.”

Forthcoming streamed shows on the platform include Dirty Blonde, The Periwinkles, Duthie and Jordan Tice.