Organiser Brand Events latest event Drive and Dine Theatre has demonstrated that there is significant demand for consumer events despite social distancing restrictions imposed by the government.

The new drive-in cinema experience is part of the company’s Pub in the Park brand and is supported by the Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge who will be creating a menu for visitors.

Brand Events CEO Chris Hughes said: “We are taking the Drive and Dine concept to at least eight locations. We went on sale yesterday and sold 30,000 tickets on day one. Not only is this good business, it is great confidence building for us as a company and anyone wondering if the public still love what event organisers do. It proves beyond doubt that there is significant demand for these events.”

In addition to watching movies, the company is also offering visitors comedy evenings with stand-up sessions from Mark Watson’s Carpool Comedy Club with comedians including Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi, Ed Gamble and Zoe Lyons. The first Drive and Dine Theatre starts in St Albans, 7 July and ends at Selhurst Park Stadium, 2 August.

Hughes explained that Brand Events are also creating new ways to experience some of their other consumer events. He said: “We are redesigning two of our event concepts to keep them on the road and ensure they can be staged in a Covid-19 secure way. Pub in the Park (14 August – 27 September) and The Handmade Festival (September) will be going ahead with modifications for these strange times. At Handmade visitors will be able to collect craft bags and rather than doing crafts at the event, they can do it at home after the experience. We are also planning two new launch events inspired by the challenges of lockdown.”

Hughes points out that his company is rethinking the way they organise events. He added: “The government has already approved markets. Before we all got clever and experiential, our B2B and B2C events used to be a series of markets stalls. I think there’s an opportunity to look back at the past and replicate some of this going forwards.

“The scientists and the government are much more supportive of outdoor events in these times. So why not offer the indoor crowd something outdoors? We are currently designing an outdoor exhibition venue for some of our own events that we may well share with other organisers.”