Following news that outdoor cinemas can re-open from 17th May, Adventure Cinema said it will run a UK-wide tour of open-air film screenings.

The Wales-based company, which hosted a drive-in cinema tour last summer, said it will screen films at over 80 venues across the UK from May, with ticket prices starting at £14.50.

As well as country estates, heritage parks and sporting venues, the tour will host the screenings at castles in Yorkshire, Wrexham and Powys, and National Trust sites in Dorset, Devon, London, Staffordshire and Hampshire.

Organisers said social distancing measures will be used, including wide aisles, hand sanitising stations and stewards who will guide attendees to their ‘picnic space’.

Ben Lovell, co-director at Adventure Cinema, said, “Just like with the drive-in shows, we’ve worked very hard to ensure that these events are safe and lots of fun for all the family.

“We’ve got some amazing films to show in some truly incredible spaces, and we’re excited to offer guests two things they may have desperately missed in recent months: the cinema and the great outdoors.”