More than half (56%) of western European eventgoers intend to go to more events post-pandemic than before restrictions began, according to a survey conducted by Epson in association with PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) and #WeMakeEvents.

The survey found 83% of European consumers intend to attend the same number of events as previously, or more, once restrictions are lifted. Some 89% said they miss attending organised events, and 92% said they were looking forward to attending new events once restrictions lifted.

The research, which follows strong sales for UK festivals including Leeds, Reading, Boomtown and Parklife, was designed by Professor Steven Taylor; a psychologist who has studied the impact of pandemics on human social behaviour. It involved 2,500 event-going consumers across the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Taylor said, “The survey indicates that the overwhelming majority of people are eager to resume their pre-pandemic social lives, which includes attending live experiential events. This underscores the fact that people are resilient and that most will bounce-back to their pre-pandemic levels of socialising, regardless of how they are feeling right now.

“People will want to get out and socialise and this move will happen rapidly. In fact, I’m expecting that there will be a short-lived period of hyper sociability, a kind of mini roaring ’20s as people just bounce back. Live events will play a large role in this.”