The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee is to examine issues around the safety of spectators at football matches and other major sporting events in a new inquiry.

The inquiry follows issues experienced by crowds at recent high-profile events, including the UEFA Champions League final in Paris where many fans were denied entry outside the stadium, with some tear-gassed by local police.

DCMS said the committee will consider whether crowd management policies at stadiums in the UK are sufficient to maintain spectator safety and what steps can be taken to protect British supporters at major events abroad.

The committee will also examine the effectiveness of legislation concerning football, including the issues of safe standing and alcohol consumption at matches. It will explore if there should be changes to regulations governing fans at matches.

DCMS Committee chair Julian Knight MP said, “We saw most recently at the Champions League final in Paris how the actions of the authorities and their dangerously misguided decisions on crowd control can put the lives of innocent football fans at risk. In this country, the chaotic scenes at Wembley 12 months ago show what can happen when those responsible for keeping people safe are caught flat-footed by the scale of an occasion, with a lack of preparation and foresight allowing a small minority of people to put supporters under threat.

“With several sporting showcases coming up here and further afield and possible legislative changes following the football fan-led review, it is imperative that lessons are learnt from these past failings to avert even more serious outcomes for spectators. The committee’s inquiry will make sure that the right steps are being taken, so these occasions are spectacles for the right reasons and attending is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.”

The DCMS committee inquiry is currently accepting evidence until 8 September.