Polo players across the country will be taking part in a tournament at the Dallas Burston Polo Club’s £1m arena this week (5 March).

The tournament will be held at the Southam ground, in the club’s 2.4 acre all-weather arena. The tournament promises to be one of the sporting highlights of the year, bringing some of the biggest talent to the region.

“We are incredibly excited to be hosting this major 15-goal tournament,” said Major Richard Carney, director of operations. “Our arena was built three years ago with the aim of providing an impressive facility for polo players year-round.

“The polo season runs from May to September which means there are many months where polo players are left unable to train, compete or simply just enjoy this incredible sport. We are one of the only venues to make an investment of this kind in an all-weather arena, so we are naturally chosen to play host to some really high-profile, exhilarating tournaments year-round.”

The upstairs of the new bar and lounge will be a VIP area, a balcony view of the tournament, a welcome drink and buffet will cost £30. Downstairs will remain open to the general public and entrance will be free of charge.

“We are expecting a really good turnout,” added Carney. “This would present the ideal opportunity for businesses looking to get themselves seen on a larger scale. As well as our hospitality packages – which we believe will prove very popular.

“We are incredibly excited to add another major sporting event to our impressive line-up of events at the Dallas Burston Polo Club for 2017 and we are confident that visitors will be equally impressed with our all-weather SuperArena.”