The UK creative industries will get a one million job boost adding £50bn in value to the sector by 2030, according to culture secretary Lucy Frazer.

Speaking at the Deloitte and Enders media and telecoms conference this morning (18 May), Frazer said the government “can do more tangible things to support our creatives.”

She also set out the need to build a pipeline of creative talent: “Over the next few months we will be identifying how we can go further. First, growing these sectors by promoting skills from primary school children to those returning to the workforce. Whether that is in music at school or extracurricular activities, and working with the creative sector on maximising the opportunities of bootcamps and apprenticeships.

“Secondly we want to harness talent in clusters across the U.K. and support cannot be at the expense of London or detract from those places that are already thriving. It needs to build on what we have already seen across the country. Whether that’s video games in Dundee and Leamington Spa, or TV in Birmingham and Leeds.

“And thirdly, targeting specific support at different sub sectors, to unlock growth across the U.K.”

Frazer is the 11th culture secretary in the last ten years, having been appointed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in February.