Cube Modular, part of the Cube International group, has launched its sustainable ‘event hotel’ which will be available for live events and festivals from next year.

Cube Modular, which designs and manufactures modular portable buildings for sports events, venues and stadia, launched the product at the Event Buyers Live conference, Nottingham, on 29 November – 1 December.

The product has been constructed using foldable containers by Hungarian supplier Continest, allowing it to be rapidly deployed to create a multi-room accommodation structures.

Each two ensuite bedroom structure can be jointed and stacked to form a two-storey 20 ensuite-bedroom hotel, which can be delivered on two trucks. The company said the foldable design means more units can be transported on fewer trucks reducing travel and transport carbon emissions and costs.

In other supplier news, Finnish company Nordic Wristbands has launched its updated Ecobox22 product for festivals (pictured right). It features wristband materials ranging from recycled plastics to biodegradable bamboo or organic cotton and wooden NFC cards.

Nordic Wristbands managing director Jone Nuutinen said, “We want to introduce organisers on a journey to Net Zero to options that are more ecological, sustainable, made of recycled, responsibly sourced, biodegradable materials.”