Sports event management and supply company Cube International said it will launch the first E-bike Grand Prix (EBK GP) series later this year.

The free-to-watch race series will take place in 10 cities around the world with pedal-assisted E-bikes racing on public roads and high incline temporary structures.

The plans are part of a sustainability drive from Cube International, which has previously supported the likes of UEFA, F1 and England Rugby.

The company has assembled a team of events experts to work on the Grand Prixs including Black Engineering, which will the project management of the design concept and the concert operations; Gio Forma to lead the creative design; Sunset+Vine to produce live broadcast and streaming services, global distribution, social media content and outreach and global news distribution; and 26West Sport, run by Murray Barnett, formerly F1 commercial director, which will work on commercial development, partnerships and sponsorship strategies.

Event organisers said they hope to encourage greater use of E-bikes alongside other forms of sustainable transport through the event. If used to replace car travel, the bikes have the capability to cut car CO2 emissions in England alone by up to 50% (about 30m tonnes per year).

Cube said a three-year Sustainable and Transformative Mobility Strategy will be developed and delivered in each host city, which it says will help them to mobilise citizens, trial new sustainable technology innovations and bring about lifestyle and behaviour changes.

The project is being led by the Cube International management team, including group chairman Andy Moss, Group CEO Ed Boardman and group director of operations Carl Thompson.

Thompson said, “Sporting spectacles are enjoyed by millions around the world, but the carbon footprint this generates is rarely acknowledged. We wanted to create a new event that proves sport can be a force for good by not only raising awareness of climate change, but by encouraging more people to change their behaviour and physically take action by choosing more sustainable transport options.”