A new immersive, hi-tech sensory experience named Origin is launching at The Ministry in Borough, London, from January 2019.

The experience will make use of projection mapping, AV and sound design, holographics and sensory techniques. The exact nature of the experience is being kept secret, but it will be open to event professionals early in the New Year, and will hold a maximum of six people at once.

It has been put together by Crucial FX, and can be used for meetings and entertainment purposes, as well as to demonstrate the full capabilities of the technology involved. Crucial FX has previously worked on film premieres, fashion shows, and interactive tech for brand activations.

Ollie Smith, partnership manager at The Ministry, said: “Crucial FX are having too much fun with Origin; it’s a play room where just about every new gadget, system, programme and tool has been pulled together into a sensory symphony.

“It’s beautiful, mystical, fun and thrilling. It’s also a sign of just how far we can push technology to create immersive experiences.”