Communication agencies Scriba PR and One Minute Briefs have turned to social media to try and help tackle the UK’s panic buying problem.

The two agencies, which are supported by a 23,000-strong creative community, came together after Labour called for British advertising and PR industries to help fight against panic-buying.

One Minute Briefs, who created the already-viral Guinness ‘stay at home’ advert, teamed up with Yorkshire-based Scriba PR to bring together its respective social media networks to create posters that encourage the nation to stop hoarding essentials.

Founder and MD at Scriba PR, Katie Mallinson, said: “This is a very tough time for the UK – in every sense – and so many firms are doing whatever they can to help. Scriba PR is incredibly passionate about ‘doing the right thing’, and when we saw the call for media agencies to play their part in trying to deter people from panic buying, we knew we had to get involved.

“We’ve admired the work of One Minute Briefs for a long time now and thought this was the perfect opportunity to collaborate on a timely and crucial project. The response has been phenomenal, and it shows the power social media can have at times like these.”

Nick Entwistle, founder of One Minute Briefs, added: “There’s a reason the UK’s shelves were fully stocked just a fortnight ago – and that’s because there’s enough food and toiletries to go around, if we all shop normally.

“Our community of OMBLES are always ready and waiting to deliver on a brief, and they haven’t disappointed. Monday’s brief saw the viral Guinness ‘stay at home’ advert created by our community, and we’ve been overwhelmed today by a wave of powerful creativity.”

In just eight hours, over 150 posters were submitted, with campaigns created on behalf of the NHS, UK Government and leading supermarket chains such as Asda, Tesco, M&C, Lidl and Aldi. Louise Chorley submitted the winning entry, a poster that told the British public to ‘Keep Calm and Carry One (Basket), pictured above.

Chorley will be receiving a night away at the Carwinley Retreat in Cumbria once the country is no longer on lockdown, donations of time from One Minute Brief and Scriba PR to her chosen charity, and a bespoke LED neon sign created by start-up business,