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Coldplay has announced it has reduced its carbon emissions by 47% for its Music Of The Spheres world tour.

The band’s sustainability-focused tour began last March in South America before moving to the United States and UK last summer. The tour is currently in its second year and midway through a new run of UK dates.

New research on the tour has been undertaken by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and shared by the band on social media.

The figures show that the band has emitted 47% less carbon emissions on Music Of The Spheres so far than on its previous tour in 2016 and 2017.

The band said, “This is a good start – and something that our incredible crew should be very proud of – but clearly there’s still room for improvement.

“Now that we’re into the second year of the tour, we’ve started to run the entire show (audio, lights, lasers etc) from an electric battery system that allows us to use 100% renewable energy as efficiently as possible. We have been using electric vehicles and alternative fuels wherever we can, as well as reducing waste and plastic usage to a minimum.”