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AV and entertainment technology company, Anna Valley, today announced its second ‘Inspiration Showcase’ for event professionals will be taking place from 13-21 January 2020.

The showcase aims to ‘blur the lines between reality and a digital fiction’. This feat will be created using the range of audio-visual technology at the company’s disposal.

Anna Valley’s first Inspiration Showcase was held in July 2019 and saw AV technology utilised to create a choose-your-own-path adventure through a number of interactive zones for event professionals.  The company’s 2020 Inspiration Showcase aims to build on these concepts to ‘inspire the next level of experiential events’.

Guests will get the opportunity to explore virtual, mixed, augmented and extended realities during their visit, with all technology behind the showcase supplied and designed by Anna Valley. Each session will be carefully curated to provide an experience personal to attendees and therefore maximise direct interaction with the technology.

Director of Anna Valley, Nick Hart, said: “Our first Inspiration Showcase was an enormous success and people might think we’ve set ourselves a big challenge by planning another event just six months later.

“But, the previous showcase just scratched the surface of our immersive audio-visual capabilities and our advanced technology department have designed a fantastic experience to inspire event professionals for the year ahead.”