London independent venue Alexandra Palace is the latest organisation to sign up to Halo Solutions‘ crowd safety, security and threat management platform Halo (v5).

Halo (v5) will be used 24/7 to monitor the iconic building premises, ice rink, theatre and large car park areas, handle all incident management, digitising security checks and procedures, standing orders and security tasking. The technology will streamline all security, crowd safety checks and reporting procedures.

Halo (v5) will also be used to assist in Alexandra Palace’s overall enhanced security preparedness to tackle counter-terrorism under Martyn’s Law.

The announcement comes as Halo recently finished its end-of-summer events, having protected 50 million people at more than 759 major sporting, music and entertainment events and business premises throughout the summer.

Halo founder and CEO Lloyd Major said, “As a former police officer and one who also worked in counter-terrorism, it has become my life mission with Halo to ensure that all sporting, music and entertainment venues adopt and embrace better communications and the latest safety and security technology, along with enhanced training and best practices. When it comes to the safety and security of the public, they are our number one priority.”