The Association of Independent Festivals has given its advice on how organisers should best deal with the coronavirus crisis.

AIF CEO Paul Reed: “As with the wider UK, this is a watching brief for festival organisers. It’s of course a concern for the industry, with myriad considerations, from cancellation and refund scenarios, to ‘force majeure’ and artist contracts and potential disruption to the supply chain. The primary concern, however, is of course the health and safety of festival attendees and staff.

“AIF are monitoring the situation closely and are in contact with local and national health authorities and Government. We’ve circulated the latest WHO guidelines on mass gatherings to our membership alongside best practice advice and legal opinions regarding cancelations and refunds in the event of a worse-case scenario.

“Ultimately, we will act on Government advice. The current advice is that cancelling any public events in the UK is not necessary and that there is no rationale to do so. This may change and we appreciate that public health advice can change from hour to hour. We’ll continue to follow the advice of Government, and support our promoters appropriately, with audience safety and welfare the paramount consideration as ever.”