Travel and experience commerce technology company Easol has launched a new masterclass series, which will feature video podcasts and live events designed for festival creators.

Subscribers to the free online content series, Creators In Session, will get insights on topics including festival financing, marketing strategies and creativity.

Afro Nation co-founder Obi Asika (pictured) will launch the series on 3 October, with a masterclass on ‘Standing Out From The Crowd’. Asika will discuss how to build a global festival brand that cuts through the noise and separates itself from the competition.

Since 2019, Afro Nation has grown across three continents to take Afrobeat music and culture to a global stage with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. The festival started from its flagship beach festival in Portugal and has since expanded to host events in Miami, Detroit and Ghana.

Hosted by Easol co-founder and chief creative officer Lisa Simpson, season one of Creators In Session will be targeted at festival creators and will tackle themes such as levelling up your creative process, how to open up more revenue streams for your festival and tactics for marketing to Gen Z.

Asika said, “It’s been an honour to give Afrobeats music and culture a platform around the world with Afro Nation. Although it feels like in many ways, our journey is just getting started, I’m excited to share how we’ve got where we are today with Easol on Creators In Session.”

Simpson said, “We’re proud to be partnered with Obi and the team at Afro Nation. The festival brand’s concept is totally unique and their growth has been incredible to see. I’m excited to kick off our new masterclass series with Obi to share what we can learn from their experience. We’re launching Creators in Session, as we felt there was a real lack of inspiring and truly useful content geared towards professional experience creators. With this new series we’re excited to showcase amazing stories from creators globally and actionable insights that will support them further in their journey to growing their business.”