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AEG Presents has partnered with popstar Yungblud to launch a new one-day festival at the 65,000-capacity Milton Keynes Bowl, which the singer plans to expand worldwide.

Yungblud announced the new event, Bludfest, in front of 500 fans at his secret gig at London’s Camden Market on 18 March. He said the inspiration behind the event is the industry being too expensive and needing to be “shaken up”.

The singer will headline the one-day festival, which will also feature artists such as Little Yachty, Soft Play, Nessa Barrett, Lola Young, Jazmin Bean and The Damned.

Speaking to Sky News, Yungblud said, “I believe that the festivals, gigs and plans that are in motion aren’t representative of the people out there.

“I believe that gigs are too expensive, festivals are too expensive, and I just wanted to work to create something that has been completely done by me and my team to show that, you know what? It can be done better. It can be more representative.

“My plan is to take it worldwide eventually, but it’s starting in the UK right here at home on 11 of August in Milton Keynes Bowl. I can’t wait to see what people make of it.”

Tickets will be priced at £49.50. The festival will include a Make A Friend tent for those attending on their own.