Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) will begin using a self-operated reusable cup system with in-house cup washing lines in its German venues.

Barclays Arena in Hamburg, Mercedes-Benz Arena (pictured) and Verti Music Hall in Berlin will use recycled cups from the Ökocup (eco-cup) brand, which will be washed directly on site.

Cleaning the reusable cups inside the arenas will avoid emissions that would normally be generated during transport to an external cup washing line.

The reusable system replaces the biodegradable PLA disposable cups previously used in AEG’s German venues for beer and soft drinks, as well as the paper cups for all hot beverages.

The switch is expected to eliminate a total of 90 tons of waste per year across all three venues, which previously had to be disposed of properly.

The cups are largely made from plastic that has already been recycled and are also reprocessed to 100% at the end of their service life. The two washing lines in Berlin and Hamburg are powered by green electricity.

AEG Germany VP and COO Uwe Frommhold said, “For us, the introduction of the reusable cup system with an in-house cup rinsing line is a decisive step in our efforts to achieve greater sustainability in the operation of our venues. After all, regardless of how environmentally friendly the disposal of our cups has been up to now, it is simply better not to produce any waste in the first place.

“By acquiring an in-house rinsing line, we avoid transport-related emissions and solve the logistical challenges that previously prevented us from using a reusable system with external cup rinsing.”