Technical production specialist Adlib supplied lighting for two arenas at Creamfields 2019, audio to four arenas, and lighting and sound for the hospitality zone.

Merseyside-based Adlib worked for creative production specialist LarMac LIVE and their team led by Ian Greenway.

The logistics and planning of the lighting side of the project was coordinated and project managed by Adlib’s Jordan Willis, whilst Ian Tomlinson from High Screams created the designs for arenas CF07 and CF09, for which Adlib supplied the full lighting packages.

Adlib’s audio project manager was Jay Petch, and their crew chief was Billy Bryson who was also responsible for the system designs and implementation of the end-fire setup.

The end-fire setup was suggested as a way to control low frequency ambience through smart sub deployment, and to give the sound engineers greater control over dispersion patterns.

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Each of the arena sub arrays was customised for its particular room and the specific sonic characteristics. All the related stage designs allowed enough space for the philosophy to be effective, so pit barriers, stage heights and depths, etc., were all adjusted to accommodate the sub array set ups.

For audio, the arenas serviced were CF05 (Pepsi Max), CF06 (Sexy by Nature), CF07 (Axtone), CF09 (The Silo) and hospitality.

The challenge Adlib faced was delivering high production values on a greenfield site in a relatively short timeframe, whilst also dealing with problems caused by the weather.

While Adlib’s crews have been involved with the event for several years, the expectations are consistently raised year on year by the event’s organisers to ensure that Creamfields offers the best festival experience to its fans.

Creamfields attracts 70,000 attendees across the three days the festival runs for.