A new standard for Covid-secure events, ‘We’re good to go’, has been launched by the Events Industry Forum.

The standard provides a ‘ring of confidence’ for event businesses, demonstrating that they have subscribed to protocols aimed at keeping event visitors as safe as possible.

Event businesses which operate in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can apply for the industry standard mark by completing a self-assessment at this online platform.

Any businesses applying must have read and implemented the EIF/DCMS Covid-19 and Performing Arts reopening guidances, understand the guidance from Public Health England and have a COVID-19 risk assessment in place.

A separate application is required for each event, and those in different parts of the United Kingdom must follow respective national guidance. In England, events must align with the EIF/DCMS official guidance for the outdoor event sector: Keeping workers and audiences safe during COVID-19.

An ‘alert’ system also ensures that those signed up to the standard will be notified if there are changes to the official guidance. A call-handling service will provide support and assessors will also carry out random spot checks to ensure businesses adhere to the guidance.