Unique Venues of London (UVL) launched its first Unique Insight 2016 event on 21 January at the Museum of London.

The event, which focused on the issue of measuring tangible ROI for events, featured talks by Javier Bajer and Jamil Qureshi on business practices and behaviour.

A panel of experts from BAFTA, Zibrant and RIBA Venues discussed providing consistent, repeat experiences on tight budgets and tackling the subject of ROI in a first meeting with a venue, supplier or client.

Moya Maxwell, chair of UVL, said: “This evening was not only a celebration of our membership and their work, but also acknowledges the loyalty of our corporate and agency clients. We designed this event to break away from the norm, an evening of unique, stand-alone content which added value and challenged attitudes. We represent the commercial arm of some of Britain’s and the world’s best loved cultural institutions, and as such it is our aim and ambition to reflect our parent companies’ pioneering spirits and become thought leaders within the meetings and events sector. The turnout surpassed expectations and the positive feedback has prompted us to consider hosting a second Unique Insight London later in the year.”