The Museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands has announced the opening of new temporary exhibits, Dub London and Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery.  

Available for a limited time only, clients will be able to include exclusive access to the events as part of their evening events.

Dub London at the Museum of London will open on 8 May and celebrates Dub Reggae music and culture in the capital, from its roots in Jamaican reggae to how it has shaped communities and culture over the last 50 years. Highlights will include a speak stack from one of London’s reggae sound systems, a working custom-built shop and images, memories and voices from the world of Dub Reggae music and culture both past and present.

At the Museum of London Docklands, the museum’s next exhibition Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery displays the largest ever Bronze Age hoard discovered in London. Opening on the 3April, the exhibition will include 453 bronze items, including axe heads, spearheads, fragments of swords, daggers and knives, alongside some other unusual objects.

Assistant head of commercial services at the Museum of London, Sarah McQueen, said: “We are thrilled to add these exhibitions to our already extensive events offering – not only do they provide two completely different insights into the city we all love so much – but it significantly enhances the experience available to clients who choose the museum for their events.

“We are continually finding new ways to give guests as memorable a time with us as possible, so the fact that organisers can now incorporate these out-of-hours experiences into an event, means we will continue to create standout occasions that live long in the memory.”