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Kevin Jackson has resigned from George P Johnson, after a four-year period as the company’s vice-president of sales and marketing, EMEA.

Access spoke exclusively to Jackson, who confirmed that he will be heading up a new venture, with details yet to be firmed up. “At this stage, there is still so much to get on with at GPJ, and several pitches in the pipeline, so it would be inappropriate to comment too much on my future plans,” Jackson said.

“I’ve loved my time at GPJ and I’m very proud of the changes I’ve implemented here.”

Jackson’s official leaving date, which he also confirmed to Access, will be the 27 November 2015. He also assured us that his leaving will not affect his involvement as President-Elect of ISES UK.

UK managing director Jason Megson added in a statement: “2015 has got off to a fantastic start for GPJ, with a number of major account wins shortly to be announced, which is a testament to our team’s and Kevin’s hard work and tenacity. In the following months we will work closely with Kevin on a managed transition of responsibilities as we realign our business development function. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavours and thank him for his contribution to GPJ’s current position as one of EMEA’s leading experience marketing agencies ”