Event Tech Lab has announced it will host a free event on 29 February for international tech start-ups.

The event, which is part of UK Events Week, will provide businesses with an opportunity to pitch event technology to marketers, event planners and industry media.

There will also be an expert panel titled ‘How much tech should I use for my event?’

Mike Piddock, co-founder of Glisser, said: “It’s really important that event tech companies, particularly start-ups, come together and use strength in numbers to really promote themselves and reach out on a global platform.”

The panel of experts, including Emma Stoker from Barclays Bank, Ben Wallace from drp group and Nick Riggall from George P Johnson, will provide insights and advice to event marketers and event planners.

“The aim of the event is two-fold,” said Jennifer Harvey, head of partnerships for the Event Tech Lab. “To give event tech start-ups the presence and resources they need to succeed, and to let marketers and event planners stay on top of important developments and solutions.”