Chad Lion-Cachet, chairman of investment company Clico Captial, is calling for more investment in the events industry, ahead of his UK Events Week seminar, taking place this week (2 March).

The industry entrepreneur intends to highlight the lack of investment in the sector and will address the need to encourage new investors alongside two other industry entrepreneurs; Andrew Needham, founder and CEO of HeadBox, and Chetan Shah, founder and CEO of Micebook.

“Throughout my career my two main focuses have been innovation and customer service, it’s why the events sector has always been attractive,” commented Lion-Cachet. “However, despite the massive innovations and opportunities for disruption everywhere within this industry, there is a disturbing lack of investment to give these ideas the support they deserve.”

Lion-Cachet’s question and answers session at the event, ‘Bringing Ideas to Life: Gaining Investment in the Events Industry’, will educate businesses and individuals who want to gain a better understanding on how to raise capital and then deliver returns.

“Every day I see brilliant ideas; event technology, event concepts, new venues and event management companies,” he added. “They all need investment of some sort or another, but the specialist investment options are limited and very few have genuine experiences within the events industry of accessing money.”