Festival Tomorrowland has announced a virtual New Year’s Eve celebration, to follow on from its virtual festival in July which 1,000,000 people paid to watch.

Artists including Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Major Lazer and more will be playing across four digital stages in a virtual venue called ‘NAOZ’ created by a team of 3D artists.

The organisers describe NAOZ as a “revolutionary and future-proof virtual entertainment world which will bring musicians, artists and communities across the globe together, offering people a spectacular way to experience digital concerts and performances with the world’s best technology in 3D design, video production and special effects.”

The event will start at 8pm local time in all 27 time zones across the world.

Tickets start from €20 (£17.94), and go on sale November 17. For a further €5, attendees can pay for an ‘on-demand’ pass which allows them to rewatch the sets for 14 days.

Earlier this year, Tomorrowland staged one of the summer’s most successful virtual festivals, Tomorrowland Around the World.

The organisers said that 1,000,000 people paid to watch the event, with tickets priced at €12.50 (£11.22) per day or €20 (£18.20) for weekend access.