Thousands of people were present at a pool party in the Chinese city of Wuhan over the weekend.

The Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, in the city where Covid-19 originated in December 2019, hosted performances for thousands of music fans who were grouped together without social distancing or masks.

In an effort to boost the economy, the government in Wuhan’s Hubei provence has been offering discounted entry to 400 tourist sites throughout the province. Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park is one such venue.

The Water Park reopened in June, after being closed due to the city’s lengthy 76-day lockdown which ran from 23 January to 8 April. Seasonal rains, however have prevented the venue drawing crowds since June.

Pictures show the crowds sitting on inflatables, and a performer on a water jet board hovering above the audience with sparks shooting from his back.

Pictured: Parrot Island Bridge in Wuhan