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For the third year running, The Halo Group worked with BBC Music at Glastonbury, which took place on 22-26 June, to deliver a colourful set build for the broadcaster.

The BBC Music Tepee formed the focal point for BBC Music’s radio and online coverage of the festival and featured acoustic performances from headliners.

This year’s design took the form of an Orangery, a large conservatory-like building where orange trees are grown. Orangeries were historically symbols of prestige and wealth, and features of many 17th-19th century homes.

Sam Matthews, creative director of The Halo Group, said: “There is something really special about working with the BBC at Glastonbury, two of the biggest British institutions. Over the past two years our set designs have become one of the most recognizable features at Glastonbury.

“The development and delivery of this year’s design is very much down to our fantastic creative team. This process starts in the office with our designers before being passed to our production team and set stylists. There is a great synergy between the different departments at The Halo Group and it is this partnership that has given us the opportunity to return to the festival and continue the development of our professional relationship with BBC Music.”