The Event Production Forum East (EPFE) will return to Budapest Arena next month for a day of networking and panels targeted at event professionals who work on live events in Central and Eastern Europe, and wider afield.

The event, which takes place on 4 November, is centred around four panels and is targeted at event professionals, technicians, bookers and entrepreneurs from production, venue management, promotion, hospitality, and suppliers.

Organisers Carl A H Martin and Máté Horvath said the sixth edition of EPFE will return to the traditional face-to-face format, having being forced to host a virtual conference during the pandemic.

Speakers on the four panels include Sziget Cultural Management head of production Benis Dániel, Romania’s Electric Castle festival head of booking Edmond Lenarth and Miller Insurance Services head of music and touring Martin Goebbels.

A H Martin said, “In the ever-changing landscape of events it feels particularly important to bring together event professionals to discuss the range of challenges and opportunities they face collectively. We have always looked to create a relaxed, interactive forum, where delegates can listen, learn, talk and share ideas.

“Although the outside world does tend to label this region as a ‘developing market’, it is not true. I recall when Bryan Grant from Britannia Row Productions was a panel member two or three years ago and told delegates that ‘the industry is as advanced here as it is throughout the western world, it just doesn’t shout about it’. People from outside could learn a lot, so we encourage everyone across Europe to join us.”