The Deck at the National Theatre, on London’s Southbank, gathered event industry professionals for a morning of breakfast and networking to celebrate the second London Breakfast Meetings Week (LBMW).

Last year, research released by The Deck as part of LBMW, found that having meetings or events in the morning have a more positive outcome than those in the afternoon.

Seventy-one per cent of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that they have a more beneficial outcome compared to meetings held later in the day.

The survey went on to show that 65 per cent of people found it easier to concentrate at a breakfast meeting than a meeting held later in the day and three-quarters of the people surveyed said short breakfast events or meetings cause less disruption to their working day than midday, afternoon or evening events.

On Tuesday 6 October, The Deck showcased the possibilities a breakfast event can bring, from boosting brainpower with a balanced breakfast to morning mindfulness and wellbeing, with 10-minute workshops from Yogasphere and tips from author and self-confessed health food fanatic Sarah Malcolm.

“It was fantastic to bring event professionals together with our fellow London venues to experience how effective and productive a breakfast event can be,” said Charley Taylor Smith, head of hospitality events and commercial business development at The Deck.

“We are thrilled to be supporting London Breakfast Meetings Week and the positive responses we have had have really shown what great opportunities there are to host more breakfast events.”