YOUR group recently celebrated opening two international operations offices in America and the Middle East. These new additions, Your USA Crew and Your Local Crew join six existing offices throughout the UK. Together, Your Crew, Your Staffing, Your Covered, Your Stage Crew, Your Workforce, and Your Riggers provide diverse levels of skilled and vetted event contractors, fully managed event infrastructure and specialist crews.

One of the key responsibilities of the event infrastructure crew is to create an environment that is safe and enjoyable for attendees. They meticulously plan and execute every aspect of the event’s infrastructure, including erecting temporary structures such as stages, marquees, event scaffolding and fencing. Your Group are proud to be CHAS Elite accredited.

The success of any event, be it a music festival, a sporting event, or a corporate conference, relies heavily on the efforts of the event infrastructure crew. This dedicated group of individuals works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. From setting up stages and lighting to managing crowd control and logistics, they are the unsung heroes who make it all happen.

The global workforce for events has become increasingly important in today’s interconnected world. As businesses expand their operations internationally, the need for skilled professionals who can manage and execute events on a global scale has grown exponentially.

One of the main reasons why a global workforce is essential for events is cultural understanding. Events are often held in different countries with diverse cultures, traditions, and customs. Having workers who are familiar with these nuances can help ensure that events are tailored to local preferences. Additionally, a diverse workforce brings different perspectives and ideas to the table, resulting in more creative and innovative ideas.

Without the hard work and dedication of the event infrastructure crew, events would not be possible. Their attention to detail in creating a safe environment is second to none, especially when they must deliver in all weather conditions and are always adapting and rising to the challenge (whether it’s a month’s rainfall in one day or even roaming animals on-site they always get it done). Another advantage of a global workforce is language proficiency. Being able to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers, and attendees from different countries is crucial in event planning. Having workers who are fluent in multiple languages can facilitate smooth communication and build stronger relationships. Within Your Group, over twenty-six different languages are spoken.

Language skills are not the only thing a global team will bring. To put it simply: A diverse client base requires a diverse team. What’s more, workers with different backgrounds have different skill sets that might also prove helpful. Not to forget that having a multicultural team will also lead to a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture. So, with the group’s expansion means they are now strategically positioned to engage and invest in the surrounding communities and workforces around the world while ensuring country compliance and maintaining a dedicated and personal service.

CEO Oliver Pitman highlights the importance of face-to-face relationships in this era of virtual meetings: “Nowadays, where you can do business anywhere, it’s still important to have face-to-face relationships and our global offices allow us to connect with our clients and workforce on a personal level, respond faster and facilitate their needs taking in to account the project location and necessary requirements for that project to happen”.

The group exists to solve the critical issues facing companies in the events industry, both large and small. Their unique approach is not only what differentiates them, but also what makes them successful. They provide a range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimise performance and productivity. Projects range from international sporting and music events to intimate garden parties!

With their robust operational set-up and over a century of combined event experience, YOUR group strives to reassure clients and partners that their events are delivered to the highest standards while promoting global equality, compliance, project accreditations and safe working practices.

In 2023 YOUR group have had the privilege of working across five continents alongside global players in the marquee and event structure sector, working on such events as The Ryder Cup and Formula One.  With the introduction of two more global offices and an ever-increasing pool of talented, in-house trained, and vetted crew, the group are ready to support.

They tap into their global network of talent to assemble the perfect team, so their capabilities can be added to the heart of any company’s operations.

YOUR group has extensive knowledge of temporary event structures, not only within the group’s operations team but also the crews onsite. They offer a boutique service with a global reach and are more than a crewing company.



Contacts: or T: (+44) (0)203 576 2330