Stadium, a Coventry-based security company, will be providing expertise to a major firm in Saudi Arabia.

The company, who work on safety, security and traffic management with a number of Premier League clubs, has recently signed a joint venture agreement with Bayt Alkhibrah, a training company, to support the instruction of how to run large events efficiently and safely.

Stadium will devise a personalised training programme in order to teach Bayt Alkhibrah best practice.

Founder of Stadium, David McAtamney, said: “It’s fantastic news about our partnership with Bayt Alkhibrah – they could have chosen companies closer to home to work with, but they’ve chosen us thanks to our great reputation in delivering international bespoke training programmes.

“Our tutors will help train our customers to not only keep crowds safe when working at events, but to make sure the visitor experience runs as smoothly as possible.

“While many countries rely on their police forces to operate security, their main priority is operating traffic management and policing.

“But Stadium’s methods ensure anyone attending large events, whether that’s a football match, a music concert or an outdoor market, have a great time as well as a safe time.

“Poorly-planned traffic and crowd management can ruin fans’ experiences. So we’ll be delivering the best ways to prevent this from happening while keeping crowd security at the forefront of their minds.

“We’re really looking forward to working with Bayt Alkhibrah, and we’re confident it will be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship between us.”