Royal Horticultural Halls has announced the redecoration of Lindley Hall and the renovation of its North Annexe as part of an extensive refurbishment.

The facilities have been modernised with the installation of energy efficient lighting, an iPad controlled AV system and 18 wireless uplighters. The catering offered by the RHH has also been updated, with Ampersand, Create and Urban Caprice now supplying the venue.

Fergus Wilson, head of commercial operations at the Royal Horticultural Halls said: “Lindley Hall’s fresh colour creates a bright ambience, providing the perfect backdrop to any event; a blank canvas for light and airy exhibitions through to colourful fashion shows.

“The technology now on offer as part of this revamp allows event organisers to truly bring their events to life at the touch of a button, without compromising the stunning period setting.  It is the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary.”