PPL PRS Ltd, a new joint venture between the UK’s two music licensing societies – PPL and PRS for Music – is designed to make it easier for customers to obtain a single music licence for the playing or performance of music in public.

For now, you can still get your public performance music licences from PPL and PRS for Music but, the switchover to the new single licence – TheMusicLicence – is on its way.

PRS says customers do not need to do anything about switching over to TheMusicLicence yet but in due course, the new team at PPL PRS Ltd will be in touch with you about doing so.

Who are PPL and PRS for Music?

Our parent companies PPL and PRS for Music are both collective management organisations. They issue licences and collect royalties for certain uses of copyright-protected music, on behalf of their many thousands of members. They then distribute those royalties to members.
PPL represents record companies and performers for the use of recorded music, while PRS for Music represents songwriters, composers and music publishers for the use of musical compositions and lyrics (for both recorded music and live performances).

PPL and PRS for Music have set up PPL PRS Ltd to offer a single joint music licence, on behalf of them both, for playing and performing music in public.

PPL and PRS for Music will continue to carry out everything else they do separately. This includes representing their members, collecting royalties from international societies, developing, setting and consulting on their tariffs and licensing schemes, and licensing their broadcast, online and recorded media customers.

When will TheMusicLicence be launched?

We will launch TheMusicLicence in the coming weeks. Until then, if you are an existing PPL or PRS for Music customer wanting to discuss your licence(s), or a new customer wanting to obtain a PPL and/or PRS for Music licence, please contact PPL and/or PRS for Music.