Launched by a team of promoters at Undivide and Outlook Festival, greenfield festival and multi-venue event Project 6 is to debut this Friday (26 May) with a focus on championing London club culture.

The event will involve a 15,000-capacity festival featuring six stages at South London’s Brockwell Park, followed by evening sessions at city venues including Fabric (1,600), Village Underground (700) and Electric Brixton (1,700).

“The idea is to celebrate electronic music in all its current forms in London, support club culture and build out roots for the event within the city,” says marketing head Jack Walsh.

With the event being part of Field Day founder Marcus Weedon’s Brockwell Live series of summer shows at the park, which includes Wide Awake and Mighty Hoopla, Walsh says some of the impacts of rising supply chain costs are mitigated by elements of the infrastructure being shared between the shows.

He says there has also been a focus on offering attendees value for money: “We want it to be approachable, affordable and street level. That’s a big part of what the producers want it to be. We’ve made it as affordable as possible, especially for what’s essentially a double experience.”

The festival – one of three taking place at Brockwell Park this bank holiday weekend including Wide Awake (Saturday) and Cross the Tracks (Sunday) – will host a lineup of genres including drum & bass, techno, hip hop and grime. Artists include Ghetts, D Double E, Flowdan, Shy FX and Fabio & Grooverider and The Outlook Orchestra.

The event will host more than 40 street food and drink traders⁠, ⁠a craft beer fair⁠, ⁠a creatives market⁠, ⁠workshops and panel talks.

“We’re really trying to be in tune with the current state of the London clubbing scene, which is in an interesting cross-pollination moment musically, but is obviously financially struggling just like many other entertainment sectors,” says Walsh.