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With brands including Comfort, Magnum and Louis Vuitton recently opening pop-up shops, retailer OnBuy.com sought to find out how British consumers feel about them

The company’s survey was presented to 1,424 British consumers.

Some of the findings include:

  • 70% of consumers believe pop-up shops can revitalise retail
  • Brits most interested in cookery (food and drink) pop-up events
  • Over two-thirds (63%) of Brits would not pay to access a pop-up event
  • 73% of consumers would not attend a pop-up shop if it was overcrowded
  • The prospect of “freebies” would prompt 65% of consumers to attend a pop-up shop

Survey Results

The survey conducted by OnBuy.com revealed the three main factors that would make consumers want to attend a pop-up shop: the prospect of “freebies” (65%), a unique experience (61%) and the chance to try new products not yet available (57%).

Of less interest is product demonstrations (22%) and guest speakers (17%)

Comparably, the factors that would turn consumers away from attending a pop-up shop include overcrowding (73%), no products available to try (50%), visually unappealing qualities like abrasive music and colours (47%) and no staff on hand to answer queries – at 37%.

Cookery pop-ups are of most interest to the British public, with two-thirds of the vote (60%); followed by fashion (50%), cosmetic (47%), tech (40%) and art (37%.)

When asked “When attending a pop-up, what do you expect from product pricing?” 47% of respondents revealed they expect to pick up a bargain or items at a discounted rate. While 40% expect a realistic insight into a brands pricing and over a third (37%) expect to be able to take away freebies and samples at no cost.