The Night Time Industry Association (NTIA) has announced it is working alongside Save Our Scene and Brixton BID on a campaign to save the O2 Academy Brixton (cap. 2,315) from permanent closure.

Since the Campaign to Save Brixton Academy launched on 11 May, the NTIA said over 10,000 written representations have been submitted to Lambeth Council in support. It follows a petition that has now topped 100,000 sigantures.  

The Met Police previously called for the Academy Music Group-operated venue to be closed, following a crowd crush in December that saw two people killed.

The NTIA said the potential impact of the closure would have “huge ramifications” within the local economy. According to recent research, an estimated £1.2m of lost revenue is impacting local businesses every week since its temporary closure.

The venue attracts over 650,000 people to the UK and London and hosts over 150 shows a year.

NTIA CEO Michael Kill said, “The Brixton Academy is a huge part of the cultural economy within London and the UK, and is without doubt one of the landmark performance spaces in the world. It is responsible for shaping and nurturing artists’ careers past and present.”

“The loss of this venue would be catastrophic for the industry, so would urge all involved to step forward and engage in productive and meaningful discussions, with an aim to resolve the current challenges and present a unified position on delivering the safe and effective management of this space in the future.”

Save Our Scene CEO George Fleming said, “Our worry is that if the council and government continues to undermine culture and close down venues, we could see the industry move further underground where there is not the same level of regulation or safety.

“In this case, we are urging Lambeth Council to work with Brixton Academy on finding a constructive way to keep this sacred space open and safe for people to enjoy. It’s far too important for the local economy and our culture to close down and would set a precedent, which our sector can not afford.”