The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) will be hosting a Twitter Q&A for event professionals looking for advice, specifically around legal matters that they may be struggling with due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative will be run in partnership with Laceys Solicitors, who offer free introductory legal advice to NOEA members, with the Q&A running from 3pm-4pm on 2 April.

The hour is intended to give members urgent support around legal issues they will be facing right now. Laceys Solicitors have put together a team of senior lawyers to manage the hour, which will take place on NOEA’s twitter feed, and will cover the following topics: dispute and resolution, employment, licensing, and commercial & corporate. NOEA is encouraging the use of two hashtags to bring the conversations to other NOEA members and the wider events community; #NOEAeventsadvice2020 and #asklaceys

President of NOEA, Tom Clements, said: “There is so much happening out there, to the lives of individuals and businesses, and wading through all the information and finding the right advice is incredibly difficult at the moment. We wanted to make it easier for our members to get good, pragmatic advice; right now.

“We can’t thank Laceys Solicitors enough for lending the industry the wealth of expertise and experience that they are offering on Thursday, it’s at the same time, necessary, urgent and generous.”

Those present at the Twitter hour will include: Phillip Day, NOEA council member and Partner, Licensing; Brendan Herbert, Partner Dispute Resolution; Robin Watson, Partner Employment; and Charlotte Mitchell, Associate Solicitor specialising in commercial and corporate matters.

The Twitter Hour will take place from 3pm-4pm, 2 April 2020.