The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) has announced that its annual convention will be delivered virtually for the first time in the 40 years since it started.

The association is also offering free sessions to members as part of its commitment to providing financial relief to them during lockdown.

The convention will still be taking place on 18 November 2020, but will be extended from one day to three, with live content available throughout the week and on demand to members post-event.

The convention’s theme will be ‘RE-BOOT’, with content focusing on three main areas:

  • RE-STORE: re-learning the basics of event management for those that have lost teams and need to go ‘back to the floor’
  • RE-FLECT: a chance to look back on the pandemic and understand what we can learn going forward
  • RE-START: a series of sessions focused on creating new businesses, new events and new ideas

Tom Clements, NOEA Chairman, said: “The need for information, opinion and the chance to engage with others in the industry has never been more important and NOEA is committed to delivering this to our members.

“However, this year we need to be sensitive to the costs of attending such events, from the price of the ticket to travelling to a physical event. For this reason, we’re producing the majority of the programme digitally.

“This format will bring down the cost of attendance for delegates and there will be more price flexibility with non-members able to buy just one session, or a series of sessions on a specific topic. For members we will are also waving the cost of some of the sessions completely.”