Northampton-based temporary structures specialists Neptunus created a custom-made hospitality structure for the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) cinch Championship at Queen’s Club, that was adapted to provide a socially-distanced environment not only for tennis fans but also media and officials.

Restrictions on attendance numbers and social distancing regulations at this year’s championship presented organisers with the challenge of finding additional space for officials, journalists and broadcasters who would normally be accommodated in the clubhouse at Queen’s.

Neptunus was awarded a five-year contract in 2019 by the LTA to create a new-look, double-deck, pavilion that was due to make its debut last year. The structure was originally designed solely as a VIP hospitality space with public areas for dining and refreshments but in order to accommodate the LTA’s requirements at this year’s event, Neptunus reconfigured the pavilion to incorporate office-style facilities for officials and a special sound proofed area for journalists and broadcasters.

“[It]demonstrated the immense flexibility of our temporary structure technology,” said Neptunus managing director Ben Keast.

He said the South Pavilion was created using a two-storey Evolution II structure, covering an area of 3,600 square metres: “With the look and feel of a permanent building, it included internal and external mezzanines and a 60-metre-long wooden decked roof-top garden with panoramic views across the tennis courts.”

LTA’s director of major events Chris Pollard said, “The solutions provided by Neptunus enabled us to reconfigure the site efficiently and effectively, deliver the best hospitality experience possible within a safe environment, and accommodate the media in an area that many journalists would like to see us use again.”