The Musicians’ Union (MU) said it is seriously concerned about how the end of free Covid-19 testing may affect its members.

Since 24 February it has no longer been a legal requirement to self-isolate when testing positive for Covid-19 in England, while free mass testing will stop from 1 April.

While welcoming in principle the scrapping of restrictions, MU deputy general secretary Naomi Pohl said clinically vulnerable musicians in particular will have concerns about the withdrawal of free tests.

Pohl said, “With the music industry in recovery from the Covid-19 crisis but widely using testing, it also remains to see what the impact may be on, for example, live performances, studio sessions and orchestral work.

“Most musicians are self-employed and may have to bear the costs of tests and generally will not receive any sick pay or cancellation fees if they contract Covid and choose to isolate to protect their colleagues.”

Pohl said MU had written to the Government to ask that free testing is retained for musicians, as they are “generally unable to work from home and often unable to socially distance”.

She said, “In addition, we are encouraging members to email their MP with their concerns at the end of free testing, with particular emphasis on how the end of access to free Lateral Flow Tests and PCR Tests is likely to affect their ability to work.”

Scotland’s Covid passport scheme is set to end on 28 February with the legal requirement to wear face masks being lifted on 21 March.