Music Venue Trust has confirmed London venue Ministry of Sound as its first official partner for Venues Day 2015, taking place 20 October.

Venues Day is designed to raise awareness about the needs of small and medium-scale venues across the UK, with partners from the government, cultural and music industries.

Ministry of Sound released a statement pledging its support for the second Venues Day: “Regeneration shouldn’t be a threat to our industry. We spent four years and well over a million pounds on one case fighting for our existence. A smaller business would not have survived.

“This kind of dispute takes many of us away from our core passion of finding and developing creative talent. We want to share our knowledge and experience and be at the centre of any efforts to stop it happening in the future.”

Music Venue Trust launched the inaugural Venues Day in December 2014, with more than 120 venues across England, Wales and Scotland represented.

The 2015 event has been described by organisers as an important day for announcing advances and identifying work still needed in protecting small and medium-scale venues.