MEMS, an international exhibition contractor, has been awarded ESSA Accredited status, and is one of the first member companies to achieve the new standard.

Managing director at MEMS International, Christian Aird, said: “We are thrilled to be amongst the first ESSA member companies to achieve ESSA Accredited status. We first heard of ESSA Accredited at the conference in late November 2019 when it was launched. It immediately captured our interest because here was an accreditation scheme designed specifically for our industry. Before the launch, we had been considering CHAS accreditation so most of our processes and system were in place.”

ESSA Accredited is an independently audited, company-level, professional qualification. The qualification provides proof that the member company is operating at the required level to meet industry agreed H&S standards and for those companies involved in construction, stage 1 CDM 2015. It is being made available free to all member companies.

Aird added: “ESSA Accredited will help to inform exhibitors, agencies, organisers and venues exactly who is working to what standard within a show, and be confident that ESSA Accredited companies will be complying with best practice. We would like to see this becoming a prequalification to work on a show in the future.

“We want ESSA Accreditation to gain momentum, and as more members achieve the standard it’s more likely to become a requirement in the industry. I am very proud that MEMS is leading the way.”