The London Music Conference returns from 30 January to 1st February 2020, and will be taking place at London club fabric.

London Music Conference (LMC20) exists as a platform for the creation, development and expansion of electronic music culture, providing a unique solution for artists, fans, labels and professionals from across the globe to engage, interact and co-create in the UK capital.

London’s identity as a bastion for the birth of new creative movements in music make it the ideal place within which to forge new ideas, foster the development of music culture and support the artists who drive its evolution.

LMC20 will take place across a wide range of venues in Central and East London, with the primary Conference activity happening at Fabric London on 30 and 31 January.

The LMC Exhibition will create a space designed to empower brands, developers, educators, manufacturers and labels to engage with the LMC community. The Exhibition will take place in the main room of Fabric London, complete with networking zone, tech demos, music education space and more. Applications are now open for exhibitors to appear at LMC20, enquire through the web site.

In 2020 LMC will also launch the UK’s first electronic music Accelerator Program for artists and labels, providing music makers and breakers from across the globe a range of tools and resources to develop music, culture and the business ecosystem that exists around it.

In 2020 the LMC Award competition launches to provide a forum for the recognition and acknowledgment of the industry’s best and brightest, profiling the artists, labels and technology developers at the leading the leading edge of music culture, business and performance.