Fabric nightclub, which was closed down in September of this year after the deaths of two clubbers, has reached a settlement with Islington Council.

After the club’s closure, more than £320,000 was raised in an online fundraising campaign.

In a statement posted on the Fabric Facebook page, the club’s owners said: We are hugely thankful to be able to confirm the news that we have won our licence back. We owe everything to our supporters. We really would not be here today without your unparalleled support and generosity.

“So many different people stepped up to put their voices to our cause, artists from all corners of the music community, fellow promoters who have put on huge events from us and clubbers from around the world who all united behind us.”

The reopening date for the club is yet to be announced, but those interested in the story can follow the hashtags #saveourculture and #saveFabric for more information.

Under the new licensing deal, under-19s will be barred from entering the club and anyone found with drugs on their person will received a lifetime ban.

In addition to these conditions, the nightclub will also have an ID scanning system, covert surveillance, enhanced search procedures, improved lighting inside the club and a new security provider.

A joint statement, released by the London Borough of Islington and Fabric Life Ltd, stated: “Fabric accepts that its procedures in relation to searching were insufficient, as were its procedures to prevent the consumption and dealing of drugs within the club itself.

“Fabric accepts that the police acted reasonably in making the application for a review and that the authority’s sub-committee was fully entitled to revoke its licence. Fabric repudiates the online abuse aimed at committee members and council staff and will permanently exclude anyone who has been found to be involved.

“Fabric is committed to doing all it reasonably can to ensure that no more of its clubbers come to drug-related harm. It also recognises that there need to be, and will be, changes to its management structure and accountability.

“The authority welcomes Fabric’s acceptance of all these matters. It is now satisfied that Fabric’s directors and senior management understand precisely what has to be done to ensure that Fabric is a safe environment for young clubbers, and that zero tolerance to drugs means precisely that.”