LWE (London Warehouse Events) has unveiled three new stages for this year’s Junction 2 festival (cap. 12,000), following the event’s four-year hiatus.

Built by the Junction 2 team and revealed as illustrations by Doug John Miller, the new stages – Grid, Quad, and Blackout – will be introduced when the house and techno festival returns to its original home of London’s Boston Manor Park from 21-22 July.

At the heart of the festival, the Grid stage will host sets from artists such as Underworld, Mall Grab b2b Skin on Skin, Adam Beyer & Cirez D, Nabihah Iqbal and Max Cooper (Live). “With towering speakers reaching over and into the crowd, this stage will provide uninterrupted sound from any point and create some of the most memorable sets from the festival,” LWE said.

The Grid stage

The Quad, a stage inspired by the legacy of 1980s touring lighting techniques and the “grandeur of stadium aesthetics”, features towering structures and more than 100 beams of light that will serve as the backdrop for two partners throughout the weekend – Phonica Records and FUSE. Artists performing on the stage include Dixon, Daphni B2b Hunee Dan Shake, Enzo Siragusa B2b Dyed Soundorom and Margaret Dygas B2b Sonja Moonear.

The Quad stage

The Blackout stage has been built in collaboration with Ticketswap and Japanese artist Manami Sakamoto. Spanning 120 meters of semi-permeable video panelling, the installation will feature a fully blacked-out tunnel enclosure, hosting artists such as DJ Stingray b2b Objekt, Kettama, Dax J, FJAAK and Sama’ Abdulhadi.

The Blackout stage