Over 100 VIPs and press attended the European premiere of the ‘Sea Creatures’ exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Halls on 27 July.

The exhibition began at 7pm with a food and drinks reception, before opening addresses from Culture Event Creative, who brought the exhibition to the UK in partnership with the Scottish Association for Maritime Science (SAMS).

Following this, guest of honour Bill Oddie OBE revealed the key exhibit – a real-life specimen of a Baleen Whale.

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Lorraine Thorne, venue sales manager, said: “We were honoured to have so many press and photographers in attendance to help spread the word about such an incredible exhibition.

“The Lawrence Hall is perfect for such a display as there are few other London venues that can cope with several full-size whales and sharks and still give a feeling of intimacy with these incredible exhibits!”

The exhibition allows visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean’s waves by viewing cross-sections of the animals including whales, penguins and Great White sharks, and even getting an up-close glimpse of their complex organs.

‘Sea Creatures’ has been brought to life by a range of virtual reality experiences and allows visitors to explore the deepest regions of planet Earth’s oceans.

Photo credit: Jonathan Taylor, Aniseed Event Photography