Steve Austen-Brown, Creative Director at Avantgarde, on why visitors to events should never know too much


Before we immerse our visitor, just like any blockbuster summer movie, it should start with the tease. We need our visitor to know just enough, but not too much.

Consider all the touchpoints that the visitor will require to truly engage with the story. The story should build and trigger emotions as the visitor adapts and responds to the experience.

Finally, when working with a brand story, be as bold as they let you! Take the brand to unexpected places, but don’t lose focus and relevance as you reach the final denouement.

Soon we will all be using AI to assist in the generation of open-ended narratives and testing out scenarios. This will allow the visitor to choose which rabbit hole to jump down within experiences. Responsive technology will adapt instantly to these choices creating infinite readings of the story.

We are beginning to look at hybrid real and virtual experiences to create completely new storytelling techniques, applied across different time frames and spatial and geographical considerations.

Never forget the audience’s imaginations will fill in big gaps (better than you can).